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REVIEW ✔➡ MODENA UNDERMOUNT KITCHEN Sink Set, 16-Gauge Stainless Stee...

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REVIEW of ✔➡ #Modena #Undermount #Kitchen    Sink Set, 16-Gauge Stainless Steel (23-Inch Single Bowl)


▶Information:Modena Undermount Kitchen, Bar and RV Sink, 16-Gauge Stainless (23-Inch Single Bowl).

About this item

INCLUDES 2pc Colander Set, Sponge Caddy, Scratch Protector Grate, Drain Strainer

LIFETIME WARRANTY Sink 23 x 18, Bowl 21 x 16, 10" Deep Basin, Min Cabinet 27”

CHEF GRADE SINK SET Cook, clean and entertain like a pro with food-safe accessories that eliminate clutter and provide workstation functionality; 10 second gentle wipe keeps sink sparkling and hygienic forever

INDESCTRUCTIBLE RUST-PROOF T304 STAINLESS Toss heavy iron casts or hot pans without worrying about dent or damage; Uniform 16 gauge top to bottom for 40% more steel per sink – not a thick deck with thin basin

QUIETEST SINK GLOBALLY Cancel noise and vibration with 2.5x better noise and thermal insulation than any other brand; Protect your expensive cabinets when you flush ice or defrost frozen food

BLENDS WITH MODERN DECOR Same premium brushed stainless as high end appliances; R10 tight radius corners for sleek aesthetics and easy maintenance; Sloped base drains fast without tipping glasses

SAFEST CHOICE Certified to US and Canada codes with lead-free parts and daily product support from US call center; We are BBB A+ rated and Inc5000 fastest growing American owned and operated brand.

In the box

All sizes include stainless scratch protector grate, stainless suction caddy, drain strainer and installation kit. Sizes 21 inch and above ALSO include set of 2 over-the-sink soak and rinse colander set - made entirely from FDA approved BPA free food-grade material.

Finest sink in the world

Put a sink, any sink, next to a Modena. Compare build, finish, insulation, weight, accessories, packaging or anything that matters. It will be the easiest decision you have ever made. When it comes to quality, even industry experts deem the Modena ‘Nihil Ultra’. Literally, nothing beyond.

Available in the following sizes (Inch):

Modena10 Exterior 9.5 x 18, Bowl 7.5 x 16, 8" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 12”)

Modena13 Exterior 13 x 15, Bowl 11 x 13, 8" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 15”)

Modena15 Exterior 15 x 17, Bowl 13 x 15, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 18”)

Modena16 Exterior 16 x 16, Bowl 14 x 14, 8" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 18”)

Modena21 Exterior 21 x 18, Bowl 19 x 16, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 24”)

Modena23 Exterior 23 x 18, Bowl 21 x 16, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 27”)

Modena23 Extra Deep 23 x 18, Bowl 21 x 16, 12" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 27”)

Modena28 Exterior 28 x 18, Bowl 26 x 16, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 30”)

Modena30 Exterior 30 x 18, Bowl 28 x 16, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 33”)

Modena32 Exterior 32 x 19, Bowl 30 x 17, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 36”)

Modena32 Low Divide 32 x 19, 60/40 Bowl 19+12 x 17, 10" Deep (Minimum Cabinet 36”)

Modena sinks are also available in ADA compliant 6" deep basin for handicap access. Copy B08BXK67MD onto the Amazon search bar.

Will it rust?

Zuhne sinks are made exclusively from solid surgical-grade ultra-performance rust and corrosion proof stainless. Your sink is protected against rust over it's lifetime. If a rust-prone item such as a cast iron pan is left in the sink in standing water, the pan will deposit rust on the sink. This is not permanent and can be removed with a standard stainless cleaner. In areas with extremely hard water, wipe the sink dry for the night. Refer to the sink care flyer included with your Zuhne purchase and see how a few seconds a day is all you need to keep your sink sparkling and hygienic forever.

Will it scratch?

Any stainless sink, regardless of make, is prone to scratch marks. Use scratch protector bottom grate (included) to minimize this. Scratch marks blend in with sink grains and tone down naturally over time. You may choose to ‘fast fade’ these marks by buffing along the direction of the grains. A Zuhne sink is not only a piece of jewelry for your kitchen but also a restaurant-grade heavy lifting workhorse. We invite you to use it as such - with total peace of mind.

Will it drain fast enough?

Our sinks feature grooved or sloped base for faster water and residue drain. Ensure sink is installed level and plumbing trap/line is unblocked.

Is this genuine 16 Gauge?

Unlike 99% of the brands on Amazon, Zuhne is directly listed with US and Canada 3rd party certifying bodies. We use uniform 16 Gauge top to bottom, inside out. Most brands advertise thick decks to mask thin bodies. Not us. kitchen sink 24 inch, kitchen sink tray for soap bottles, kitchen sink utility rack, kitchen sink valve, kitchen sink j trap, kitchen sink 70/30, rvh8003 33" lx 22" w drop-in kitchen sink, kitchen sink 42 inch, kitchen sinks 11, rvh8310 30" l x 19" w undermount kitchen sink, kitchen si

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