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▷ REVIEW ☞ LICTOP 6 PCS Soft Close Lid Support 100N/22.5lb Gas Spring...

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REVIEW of ☞ #LICTOP #6 #Pcs    Soft Close Lid Support 100N/22.5lb Gas Springs Strut Cabinet Door Lid Stay Support(Black


▶Information:LICTOP 6 Pcs Soft Close Lid Support 100N/22.5lb Gas Springs Strut Cabinet Door Lid Stay Support(Black)

Lid stay force: 100N / 22.5lb (per strut); Length: (hole center to hole center): 10.5 inches

Support to open the cover, the maximum angle is 100 degrees, the contact area with the cabinet is large, three points positioning, the installation is more secure.

Cylinder block and connecting rod: The high-strength material piston cylinder body is integrated with the bottom plate connecting rod, the load is larger, and the switch is flexible.

Gently cover the lid, ideal for soft closing the lid to prevent slamming, so it won't hurt your child's fingers

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