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▷ REVIEW ✔➡ LUX-PRO LP395-PR GELS Glow in Dark 9 LED Flashlight, Purp...

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REVIEW of ✔➡ #LUX-PRO #LP395-PR #Gels    Glow in Dark 9 LED Flashlight, Purple


▶Information:LUX-PRO LP395-PR Gels Glow in Dark 9 LED Flashlight, Purple.

Comes in a fun and bright color that glows in the dark and fits in the palm of your hand. Simply hold the flashlight under another lighting source to charge the glow-in-the-dark rubber grip.

This flashlight is small, fun, and high quality making it perfect for all ages and uses. Perfect for party favors, swag bags, gear heads and hikers; this flashlight is a great buy and gift.

This light is constructed with aircraft grade quality aluminum, is pocket sized, water resistant and solid.

Our unmatched customer service will make sure your buying and owning experience is the best in the business. We’re a U.S. company, nestled in the mountains of Utah and are eager to ensure you are taken care of.

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