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▷ REVIEW ☑ MACBOOK AND SMARTPHONE Tool Set: Pentalobe, Phillips PH000...

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REVIEW of ☑ #MacBook #and #Smartphone    Tool Set: Pentalobe, Phillips PH000, Torx T5, Tri-Point Y0 Screwdrivers, Spudger Pry Opening Tools in Case


▶Information:MacBook and Smartphone Tool Set: Pentalobe, Phillips PH000, Torx T5, Tri-Point Y0 Screwdrivers, Spudger Pry Opening Tools in Case.

These professional grade screwdrivers are used to open smartphones, small electronics, drones, laptops and more

They have comfortable handles and swivel tops for ease of use, magnetic tip for easy handling of small screws

The Apple tips are 5 point star (Pentalobe) TS1, (0.8mm, P2, PL1) and TS4, (1.2mm, P5, PL4). Plus the Y0 fits Y1 and is incorrectly called a triwing

Includes nylon and metal spudger pry open tools, scraper and spatula to open any case

Also includes tweezers, cleaning cloth, and SIM Card ejector - everything you need for most repairs workpro 239-piece all-purpose home repair tool kit, zacro 18 in 1 professional opening pry tool repair kit, ybeki bike repair tool kit, vehicle auto repair tool kit, apple repair tool kit, computer repair tool kit, iphone repair tool kit professional, tool kit repair w bag cyling, computer tools repair kit professional, iphone repair tool kit, repair tool kit pink, boulder tools 56 pc heavy duty tire repair kit, repair tool kit watches, calvan tools 38900 two valve ford triton spark plug thread repair kit, computer repair tool kit precision for laptop electronics pc tool set, ipad repair tool kit, electronics repair tool kit, h&s 155pcs watch repair tool kit, xbox controller tools repair kit, iphone 6 plus tools repair kit, 

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