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▷ REVIEW pooxtra Ⅲ 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V...

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pooxtra Ⅲ 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V with LCD Display & USB Port +4AC Outlets for Home RV Car Emergency to Use.

[POOXTRA POWER INVERTER]:Provides clean pure sine wave 2000w DC 12volt to AC 110volt continuous power, up to 4000w peak power, coming with 4 AC outlets,2.1A USB ports,remote control,LCD display and 2 cooling fans.

[LCD DISPLAY & REMOTE CONTROL]:Coming with a LCD Display and Remote Control, which can let you know the input and output voltage so that you can know the using status of your battery, also more convenience for you to control inverter.You can control the on / off of the inverter at a distance of 16.4 feet.

[PROTECTION SYSTEMS]:Overload, Over temp, High voltage, Low voltage, Short circuit, Internally fused, Low and high voltage alarm, Cooling fan, and Isolated ground neutral.

[MORE WIDELY USED ]:4 AC outlets to 110v provides continuous power for most of appliances and electrical tools.It's Perfect for travel, camping, tents, boat trips, working on roads and places without electricity.Don't you want to have it?

[YOU CAN GET]:1x2000W Power Inverter,2xCar Battery Cables,1xGND Ground Wire,1xRemote Control,1xGiftbox,1xUser Manual,Technical guidance,12 Months Warranty and Our Friendly Customer Service. Note:built-in fuse,no need install again.Every product will be tested before shipment! power inverter jupiter, d cell battery power inverter, power inverter 2500 watt, power inverter rechargeable, power inverter nut, power inverter f, power inverter solar panel, power inverter 750 watt ampeak, power inverter noco, power inverter for camping, r power inverter, power inverter made in usa, power inverter 8000 watt heavy duty, power inverter 800, power inverter solar, power inverter rv, power inverter 6000 watt, 12-volt power inverter adapter for 7-way, rv trailer connector, power inverter sine wave pure, power inverter with battery charger, 

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