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▷ REVIEW ➡ SCHWINN 230 RECUMBENT stationary Bike.. (NEW YORK)

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REVIEW of ➡ #Schwinn #230 #Recumbent    Bike


▶Information:Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series.

Goal track capability enables user to set individual exercise goals

20 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options

High speed, high inertia drive system for easy start-up and smooth, quiet workouts

DualTrack 2 LCD screen displays offer increased visibility to programs and goal tracking

22 preset workout programs: 9 profile, 8 heart rate control, 2 fitness test, 1 quick start

Power requirement: Plugs into any standard electrical wall outlet on an 110V-120V circuit. 120V 60HZ AC input; 1.5A output. 90-240V, 50-60Hz adapter included AC Power adapter included.

The adjustments are automatic from the rider's point of view. Internally, in the front of the cycle, hidden beneath the plastic casing, is a large metal flywheel attached to the pedals. Surrounding the flywheel is a metal arc that holds a series of magnets. The closer this arc comes to the flywheel, the more magnetic "pull" you have to work against - and therefore, the harder you have to pedal. Internally, in a part of the cycle you never see unless it breaks (like ours did after 4 years of hard, every day use), is a steel cable that pulls the magnets away from the flywheel making it easier to pedal, or lets the magnets drop closer, making it harder. But again - from your point of view, the system is automatic. You can set a fixed resistance, or you can select a terrain with varying up and down "hills" of resistance. Even though little magnetic gnomes are busy inside the cycle doing physics, you don't have to think about them. stationary bikes kids, stationary bikes tv, stationary bikes dmasun, v-fire indoor cycling bike stationary, stationary bikes recumbent marcy, x terra stationary bike, stationary bikes heavy, stationary bikes legs and arms, stationary bikes exercise for seniors, stationary bikes quiet, exerpeutic 900xl high capacity stationary recumbent bike, stationary bike generator, noseless seat for fusion blade z stationary exercise bike, stationary bike indoor riding, stationary bikes 6 feet tall, stationary bike flywheel 80lbs, stationary bikes 100, stationary bikes under 200, stationary bike pedals replacement 9/16, stationary bikes 300 weight capacity, 

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